I haven’t posted on this blog for quite some time, which I completely blame on my three kids. (Yeah, since that post about being a writing mother, I had two more kids!) I don’t recommend having three young children as a step to becoming a prolific writer, though I love them dearly and wouldn’t trade them for a published novel. 🙂

While raising young children, I’ve found short stories to be a much more manageable way to be able to write, revise, and publish my work. Since my last post, I’ve had three stories published in three different anthologies:

  1. My short story “Significant” was published in the 8th annual Nanowrimo anthology Engineering Chaos. I also served as an Associate Editor on this anthology. Helping other author’s revise and improve their stories was rewarding, and the anthology itself is a lot of fun to read!
  2. My short story “Dreaming in Duet” was published in the 7th annual Nanowrimo anthology Songs in the Key of Sunset. The year before I was the leading story, and in this anthology my story concludes the collection.
  3. My short story “Ex Post Facto” won third place in the Owl Canyon Hackathon and was published in the anthology of winning stories From the Corner of My Eyes. This was especially exciting because it came with a cash prize, which makes it my first paid fiction story!

One of these days I’ll get around to finishing the revision of my latest novel and working to publish it, but for now these anthologies are a fun way to get published without abandoning my work and family obligations.